About Us

Megan met Adam while bowling (terribly) with friends one Tuesday night; by the time Adam shook Megan’s hand between shots, he had already given her several high-fives! In bowling, throwing a good ball is called, “honey” (as in, “Wow! She’s rolling honey tonight!”); but, these weeknight bowlers were proud to be amateurs! Even though Adam’s killer granny shot made Megan laugh
& Megan’s thunderous toss made Adam cheer, neither of them was shooting much honey.

After several months of Tuesdays, when the bowling alley began offering them 3 games for the price of 2, they all got their own custom balls, & each had their ball engraved with a standout goofy nickname (i.e., young crotchety, munchkin rage, pickles…), Tuesday night bowling became about 43% more serious. The pressure was on!

In bowling, no one’s out after three strikes; so Megan, with her 12 lb Maxim Ebonite ball named “Handcuffs,” & Adam, with his 12 lb Columbia White Dot ball named “/dev/ball,” continued hitting the lanes (& gutters) with friends in the hopes of shooting the illustrious three-strike “turkey”…..& of scoring another chat with each other. By the time a year of bowling had passed, when Megan wasn’t throwing honey, she wasn’t shouting & when Adam wasn’t throwing honey, he wasn’t pouting….too much. Their sub-100 scores never got them down! They were becoming “honies” together! By the next October, strikes or no strikes, they’d hit the Turkey o’ LOVE.

Last November, they were so busy making “Love Letters” in the garage that the only turkeys in sight were outside peckling the grass. It was crock pot corned beef–and lots of bright shiny L.O.V.E.! Before too long, Adam plunked the ring in a perky blue gumball machine, popped the question, and had himself a fiance!