We both led really complete lives before we began dating. There was not a whole lot either one of us needed even before we became friends; now, in some cases we have more than we need (does anyone need a microwave, 3lbs of parsley, a compound miter saw?). Though we are about to enter into the early years of marriage, except by filling a homemade crust with garden-grown sugar pumpkin, we’re not starting from scratch. So we’re worried that because registries and wedding gifts are tradition, all of you will feel pressured to contribute financially in ways that are burdensome to your families and unnecessary to ours. The worst way to contribute to our wedding is to do something that is a hardship for you in the name of celebration.

You are all wonderful people with authentic gifts. Before you do anything, consider that there may be ways you can do something really special and helpful without ever opening your checkbook. If you write, share a poem after the ceremony. Videotape portions of our day if you are handy with a recorder. If you have some spare afternoons in July, help us with some of our projects: bring a pair of overalls and a drill, an apron and some measuring spoons, or a sewing machine and some pinking shears to Bowdoinham. On the day of the ceremony, we would be just as pleased if you brought vases of flowers from your garden, your family’s favorite pie, or a really embarrassing story of Adam as we would if you put a gigantic bow on a set of cheese knives. Our wedding will be a do-it-yourself reflection of us. Your contribution can be a did-it-yourself extension of you. To that end, we have included a link below to a pie-baking contest option. If you have a favorite family pie and would enjoy making it for the wedding, we’d so enjoy eating it! Who knows? Maybe you’ll even win the prize! Additionally, we so enjoy good beer. We will certainly be sharing a few of our favorites with all of you come September 3rd but, we’ll all learn a lot more about what is out there if our guests bring some too. If you have a favorite microbrew, volunteer to bring that along in lieu of a traditional gift.

Having said all of this, we know some of you will still feel most comfortable doing something for us that can be unwrapped and enjoyed per tradition; in lieu of a classic wedding registry, we have created themed wishlists on—a universal wishlist website that allows users to compile photos of and links to objects of inspiration and desire. We hope you’ve gotten a sense, from our wedding website, for how we get from day to day, how we most enjoy spending time together, and the kind of marriage we’re looking to craft. Wishpot may provide you with a few other glimpses into our partnership so you’ll begin to get some ideas about how to best contribute to the start of our marriage. To access our Wishpot lists, click the button below or go to and in the people search, type in “”–thank you!